How was your weekend running?

This just in from the University of Running Studies: early experiment results suggest that chocolate egg-based fuelling strategies may not be entirely successful. Yes, I know! Shocking, right? Who would have thought an entirely chocolate-based nutrition plan would not be ideal? Next they’ll be trying to prove that cake isn’t the perfect carb-loading food. I know, I know. But these scientists, they have these crazy theories …

The long weekend has seen plenty of races, though top marks to any runners at the Maidenhead 10 miler who managed to stay in their rhythm despite the Prime Minister attempting to steer them further right (sorry). For myself, the weekend consisted of a track session with my club, followed by a Sunday feeling rather sore. Having spent a month or so taking it reasonably easy post-marathon, my running muscles are protesting at being made to do anything beyond plod pace. That, and that alone, is clearly why this morning’s run commute at easy pace didn’t feel particularly easy. Absolutely nothing to do with approximately 421 Mini Eggs. Nope. Nothing at all.

So, over to you. The big spring marathons are looming – London just three weeks away – well done everyone, you’ve made it to taper! – and Manchester now next weekend. A reminder: if you haven’t developed three different niggles by lunchtime every day, suddenly noticed everyone around has a cold and had to leap into the air to avoid your feet being trampled by someone the approximate size of Godzilla on the train, then you aren’t tapering right.

(Oh, but before you comment below the line, and because you hopefully are not at work, but lazing around on the Bank Holiday, spend some time reading Adharanand’s piece on the rise of ultra running.)