Yadson Releases An Exciting “Summer” Pop Rap Single

20-year-old artist, Edson from Monaco announced the release of their pop-rap single “Summer”, addictive melodies, compelling pop with tropical beats.

As the song title states, the impulsive track is all about summer, giving you the feeling of enjoying long days under the Californian sun. Filling a genre gap in the Luxembourg music scene, the single has the potential of becoming a pulsing radio hit.

Yadson’s casual and relaxed nature let one sympathise with him right away. The feel-good song is a smash that leads listeners onto the dancefloor with its contagious melodic hooks. The chill moments hit together with the feisty drop of the single, produced by Jimmy Braun, known as frontman of the indie band Austinn. Yadson convinces with his positive energy that he brings to the world. The lyrics “I just want no obligations, I just need vacation” let you free your mind from the headaches of everyday life.

But Yadson brings up much more. The young talent is not just a good musician but an expressive storyteller, self-reflecting and writing since a young age, inspired by emotional rides with an uncommon background as he used to be a street kid in Chad. “Music is where I get to express what’s on my mind and soul and in the end, share it through my songs” said Yadson.
Inspired by Kanye West, Jay-Z, XXXTentacion and alike, his raps and legit lyrics come straight from the heart. Yadson wants to catch by surprise and connect through music: “Music is like my diary. I write every day. I want to connect with people through my songs and build a real loyal fam(ily). I want to fill concert rooms and even when it’s only at 80 where I break through, I will not stop working on it. Music is my life.” The music video, produced by Summer Sky Agency, a young artist development company which supports him on his journey, and created in collaboration with blogger Amii Watson, lets one have a blast.

Yadson definitely brings a real freshness to the Luxembourg music scene and beyond. His American accent and diverse looks give him an international character. Safe to say, the rising musician is a source of inspiration and open spirit, ready to conquer the hearts with broad appeal.