UK traveller test & quarantine rule extended to 15 July

People travelling from the UK to Luxembourg will have to undergo a covid-19 test and quarantine upon arrival until 15 July.

The extension of Luxembourg’s precautionary health measure for travellers aged 6 and over who have visited the UK within the previous 14 days (regardless of the length of stay) is a response to the delta variant of Sars-CoV-2 (B.1.617.2), which is thought to be up to 60% more trasmissable than the alpha variant.

If the person arrives by air in Luxembourg, the test will be performed, free of charge, at the covid-19 test centre at Luxembourg airport.

Upon arrival, all travellers who have been in the UK with in the previous 14 days must respect a seven-day quarantine and undergo a second Sars-CoV-2 test on the sixth day of quarantine. If they refuse, the quarantine will be extended by a further seven days.

Travellers who come to Luxembourg after visiting the UK within the previous 14 days are obliged to notify the health inspection office via [email protected] or 247-65533.

The same system applies for people travelling to Luxembourg from India.

EU health officials have warned that the delta variant could account for 90% of the bloc’s cases by late August. Luxembourg is not the only member country to extend restrictions. According to euronews, Portugal, Spain and Germany issued new travel restrictions while on Tuesday Germany introduced a two-week quarantine for people entering the country from Portugal and Russia.