14 Luxembourg police stations to close starting November

A total 14 police stations are set to gradually close in Luxembourg starting November this year as part of a nationwide reorganisation of the police force.

Of the total 51 police stations earmarked for closure, some will merge or form larger units “with greater means for taking action”, the government said.

Alongside these stations, 13 others would offer 24/7 openings.

“Thanks to an extended availability, the new structure of police stations will be able to remain open for longer, better suiting the needs of citizens,” Internal Security Minister Etienne Schneider said at the end of July, adding: “Not only have the habits and attitudes of citizens changed since the last police reform in 1999, so too have the demographics of crime so today no-one disputes the need for structural reform.”

With the entering into effect of the new police reform, officers will also benefit from new legal rights, such as the stopping and searching of vehicles, ID card checks of members of the public and the right to temporarily close a commercial outlet in order to protect the public or material goods.

These new tools will be used sparingly, Secretary of State for Internal Security Francine Closener said.