New Year’s Eve: Police respond to 80 calls re fireworks, public order

On New Year’s Eve, the Grand Ducal Police received in excess of 600 calls concerning fireworks from throughout the Grand Duchy.

Despite some municipalities banning the use of fireworks this year, the calls came in from 15:00 on Sunday (31 December) until after 04:00 on Monday (1 January).

In some instances, by the time police officers arrived at the site of the fireworks, they had already ended. Also, in many cases, the callers were unable to identify who was responsible for the fireworks. In other cases, the police patrols were inundated with calls and tried to deal with others by telephone, advising callers (who were complaining of disturbances to their sleep) to come in person to police stations the following day with relevant information, including the names of the perpetrators.

Apart from calls from residents disturbed by fireworks, New Year’s Eve saw few other significant incidents for the police. Around 20 calls were received for public order offences, both in restaurants and at private parties – mostly due to people under the influence of alcohol – and one concerning a case of domestic violence.

The police had been called out to disturbances in Junglinster, Vianden and Tentange, the latter where a caller who reported a car being partially parked on their private property becoming outraged when informed that the police could only tow away vehicles on public roads. He then decided, with the help of another person, to remove the wheels of the vehicle. When the owner returned to find the jar jacked up with bricks, a heated discussion ensued. The police were called an order was restored when the wheels were returned. Neither party file charges in the end.