A new BMW and Mini dealership at Cloche d’Or

The Bilia-Emond group has chosen to build a new BMW and Mini dealership at 7, rue Christophe Plantin in Luxembourg, with the help of the architectural firm Archipel 41. An exemplary dealership for the Belux network.

BMW and Mini were already present in Luxembourg, o route de Thionville, in a building that was still rented to the former dealer Arnold Kontz. After the dealership was taken over by Bilia-Emond in 2016, it was a question of finding a new location to create a tailor-made building that would perfectly meet the ambitions and requirements of the brand and its customers.

After nearly two years of studies, a plot of land at the Cloche d’Or was chosen to house the new dealership, which is considered by BMW AG to be a flagship in the European network. Developed by the Schuller group and built by Willemen, the architectural project was entrusted to the architects of Archipel 41, who have already built several BMW dealerships for Bilia-Emond, in Arlon, Libramont and Soissons, among others.