Protests in Pretoria as South Africans call for Jacob Zuma to resign


Scandals engulfing the president over alleged corruption are undermining the country’s democracy, protesters say. Thousands of South African people have joined protests calling for the resignation of Jacob Zuma, who has been enmeshed in scandals that critics say are undermining the country’s democracy.

The protests on Wednesday in the administrative capital of Pretoria came as opposition lawyers argued in court for the prompt release of a state watchdog report about allegations that a family linked to the president sought to influence some cabinet post selections to benefit its own business interests.

The president has withdrawn a bid to block the release of the report, said his lawyer, Anthea Platt.

The possibility of new allegations of wrongdoing at top levels of the South African government is likely to increase pressure on Zuma, who apologised earlier this year after the constitutional court said he flouted the constitution in a scandal over more than $20m in state funds used to upgrade his rural home.

Zuma eventually paid back more than $500,000, an amount determined by the national treasury.