Special forces arrest Luxembourg citizen in Nittel


A heavily armed special police unit arrested a 23-year-old Luxembourger in the Moselle town of Nittel in Germany on Wednesday afternoon.

Police had reason to believe the man was aggressive and was a threat to a three-year-old girl living in the same house.

“It is certainly not everyday that the special police unit (SEK) gets called out when it comes to the threat of domestic violence against children,” said the press officer of the police department Trier. “But there were credible witness testimonies that led to this decision.” The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has two heavily armed and equipped special units, the “Sondereinsatzkommando” (SEK) and the “Mobiles Einsatzkommando” (MEK).

Saarburg police investigated reports of a domestic violence threats against a child. On Wednesday afternoon, the SEK stepped in and forced its way into the apartment in question.

The 23-year-old Luxembourger, who lived together with his partner and the child, was arrested without resistance.

He, the mother and the child were unharmed. The child was taken in by the Youth Office and brought to a nursing family or a home.

Investigations to determine whether and to what extent there was a risk for the child continue.