Marc Hansen Leads Discussion at OAI General Assembly

Luxembourg’s Minister for Accommodation Marc Hansen gave a speech on housing policies at the Order for Architects and Consultant Engineers’ (OAI) general assembly last week.

During his speech at the OAI’s general assembly, Marc Hansen reiterated the importance of the measures introduced by or intended to be introduced by the government regarding housing policies. The minister notably put emphasis on the recent presentation “Klimabank a nohaltegt Wunnen”, which discussed the implementation of a single office for housing, the introduction of new housing benefits for both households and businesses in terms of energy efficiency, as well as the new energy efficient and ecological evaluation tool “LENOZ”, which permits the evaluation of energy efficiency according to three dimensions of sustainability: ecological, economic and social aspects.

Marc Hansen also emphasised the dynamic creation of social housing as well as the offer of affordable housing, by highlighting the efforts made by public sponsors, who are important partners in housing development, as well as the Housing Fund, and the National Association for Low Price Housing (SNHBM).

In the short and intermediate term, several housing projects will be developed as part of a governmental initiative, particularly in Kirchberg, Olm, Dudelange and Wiltz.
Finally, during the assembly, the minister reminded of the works taking place in the sectoral housing plan, which will allow sites to be reserved for the implementation of priority projects in order to guarantee an adapted and adequate housing offer in the mid and long term.

The OAI encompasses 482 architecture firms as well as 193 architect consultant studies and employs almost 4,300 people in Luxembourg.