Lux investigates vaccine queue jumper claims

Luxembourg’s government is investigating claims of vaccine queue jumping following rumours that family of hospital staff were fast-tracked.

Speaking on Radio 100,7 on Saturday, health minister Paulette Lenert did not say which clinics were concerned but if the claims are proven, it would show a “blatant disregard” for the use of health vaccines. She did not rule out legal action.

The radio station reported that the board of directors for the Centre Hospitalier du Nord will meet on Monday to discuss a report from hospital management. The hospital has reported six cases of priority vaccines to the health ministry which are being examined.

It comes after three members of the board of directors of the Robert Schuman Hospitals group were vaccinated, despite working remotely. Lenert said she did not see any reason to involve the public prosecutor in the latter case, saying it concerned a “misinterpretation” of the rules. The rules have since been clarified.