Home growers to get legal status in Luxembourg

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There will be a meeting on the legalization of cannabis in Luxembourg for like-minded countries such as Malta, The Netherlands and Germany. Luxembourg hosts a meeting with like-minded countries in July.

Luxembourg is fast becoming the second country to legalize home cultivation, after Malta led the Benelux country last year. But recently the minister of Justice indicated that he wanted more and also to fully regulate cannabis so that even people who do not want to grow themselves can still get legal cannabis. To make this possible, the country is convening a meeting in July.

Very many details have not yet been released.

However, it is also a good thing that the new German government is moving in the same direction in the area of drug policy. “We now have strong allies in the larger region and the Netherlands and Malta are also going down this path. We’re not alone anymore.”In July, Luxembourg invites like-minded EU countries to a meeting.

So it looks like the Netherlands will also receive an invitation. Who exactly they are going to invite, of course, is unknown. That could be a minister, or two, of Justice and security and/or Public Health, Welfare and Sport. Then they hear directly from their colleagues about the developments.

For example, Malta has legalized home cultivation before, there may already be legal weed in Germany in 2023, and Luxembourg wants to legalize home cultivation and more. This is while we in the Netherlands are still waiting for the first delivery from the weed experiment to the participating coffee shops in ten municipalities, which can also take a while.