Barbara Daroca: ING Lux House – Moien!

The day has finally come. ING’s new home in Luxembourg, ING Lux House just in front of the station, is coming alive with people and colleagues!

You might not be as excited as we are – after all, we have been waiting for this move for years! The demolition of the old Kons gallery and the construction of ING Lux House have been rather quick, just over 2 years (check out our time-lapse video). But we, the ING people, have been looking for a way to work closer together, to improve efficiency and agility in our day-to-day for longer than that.

At ING we believe all sustainable progress is driven by people with the imagination and determination to improve their future and the futures of those around them. ING Lux House embodies this belief: for our employees, the working spaces are open and flexible, adapting to the needs of the teams; state-of-the-art meeting areas invite to collaboration and exchange of ideas; and other closed places stimulate concentration. Different tasks have different requirements and the design of ING Lux House allows us to be agile in our day-to-day, adapting easily to the needs of the task at hand.

For you we have designed a brand-new branch, the jewel of the crown in ING Lux House. Here, too, ING Lux House accommodates different types of exchanges. We have made our original concept “Agence Orange” evolve even further from the classic branch model with different areas: a coaching zone to guide you as soon as you arrive, a self-service zone for your daily banking operations and an advisory zone for your more complex operations. ING Lux House represents well our nature: a universal bank. From the youngest savvy savers to the experienced wealth manager; from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals, all are welcome at ING Lux House and all will have facilities specially designed for their needs, including a large auditorium. So whether you come for daily convenience banking, or you are planning a large project, we will welcome you in specially arranged facilities and help you achieve your goals – because every project is worth pursuing!

I warmly invite you to visit the premises when you get a chance – or at least sneak a peek whilst you’re getting a quick bite at our partner Golden Bean.