To Echternach and back with Romain Gerson

Each week, Delano invites a keen cyclist to share their favourite rides in Luxembourg. This week Luxembourger and cycle commuter Romain Gerson shares his favourite route to Echternach.

Bike used

Trek Madone

Favourite cycling route

Luxembourg/Kirchberg-Echternach-Luxembourg (PC2), roughly 90 kilometres in total.

Start at the red bridge in Kirchberg for a breathtaking view across the Unesco World Heritage fortifications, travel through the mix of highrise buildings, cultural venues like the Philharmonie and Mudam, artwork and parks to the tramschapp.

The 43.5-kilometre PC2 takes cyclists to Senningerberg and then a number of rural villages and towns including Senningerberg, Rameldange, Ernster, Gonderange and Eschweiler  before the landscape transforms dramatically in the Little Switzerland region. Here riders will pass close to impressive natural rock formations and dense forests as well as passing through a dedicated tunnel with motion sensors so that it lights up as you enter. The cycle path ends in the medieval town of Echternach.

Please note that there could be some disruptions to the path as well as some eateries in the town itself as a result of flooding from 14-15 July. Also, when riding outside of the tourist season, there may be fewer restaurants to choose from. Among Echternach’s many attractions, for a cyclists there is also an electronic pump at the youth hostel.

Romain returned to Luxembourg, via Junglinster “it is in that part where you have to ride on a road, ironically past the memorial of the road victims,” he says of the impressive monument between Gonderange and Eschweiler.

It is in that part where you have to ride on a road, ironically past the memorial of the road victims

Romain Gerson

Romain Gerson

Level of difficulty

Easy but long

Highlights and comments

Enjoying a tarte flambée in Echternach on the market square.

Why I ride

It’s my lifestyle. I am more a commuter. Over the last years I only made a few rides besides the commuting. I only ride to work every 3 weeks, because the other 2 weeks I am in my Homeoffice.

What is missing from the cycle infrastructure in Luxembourg?

The cycling paths are not linked. You have to share the paths with pedestrians, dogs, kids, and horses. Many segments of the paths in Luxembourg cannot be used with a road bike but it is not mentioned on the maps. All over the network you have to take a normal road. And the signs are bad or non-existent.