140,000 euros in donations for Luxembourg’s flood victims

Over 140,000 euros were collected by the Luxembourg Red Cross and Caritas Luxembourg to help the victims of the July 22 flooding. The appeal for donations is now closed.

So where’s this money going?

First, families in need can first fill out a form (in French or German) through the Ministry of Family, Integration and the Greater Region. Anyone needing assistance to do so may call the helpline of the Red Cross at 2755, or Caritas Luxembourg at 402131-1.

Priority is given based on need, but support lines a maximum 12-month, 10,000 EUR zero-interest loan to help with housing or equipment; clothing via the national collection & sorting centre; as well as emergency grants, which are capped at 500 EUR.

The funds also exist to help get payments for damage expertise if not covered by the ministry itself or the commune, insurance or social services.

Furthermore, the organisations have taken into account how the flooding might have adversely impacted family summer plans.

In these cases, additional spaces have been made available so children of those families don’t miss out on summer holidays. Coverage of cancellation costs is also being considered in the cases where families cannot pay: this means that any cancellation costs–apart from those covered already through insurance–would be covered.

And if, after all that, some funding still remains, the funds will be donated to, for example, the volunteer fire brigades who helped with the rescue.