18 Official Warnings issued in the Transboundary Movement of Waste

On July 20, 2018, 18 official warnings were issued to trucks during a transboundary waste inspection on the Dudelange-Zuiftgen Highway.

On this occasion, officials of the Environmental Administration, together with the Customs and Excise Department, carried out a roadside check of trans-border waste hauliers on the Dudelange-Zoufftgen motorway. A total of 16 trucks were checked and 18 formal warnings were issued.

These checks are part of the implementation of the national inspection plan that each Member State must draw up in application of the European Waste Transfer Regulation. Their purpose is to monitor compliance with national and international legislation on waste shipments, particularly with regard to the registration and notification of transfers.

Waste transfer controls aim at ensuring the prevention and detection of illicit transfers as well as the proper management of hazardous waste and the optimisation of waste treatment processes. These controls may include document inspection, confirmation of identity and, if necessary, physical or chemical control of the waste.