Do you believe in life after death?

Almost half of people in Luxembourg believe in life after death

What happens when we die is a question which sparks mixed opinions but a question to which nobody can give a definite answer.

Some believe in life after death, whether it be the idea of our souls continuing to live in a new body, coming back to Earth as an animal or starting a complete new life as another human being.

Some think we go to a special place where we are reunited with loved ones who have died before us.

And others believe death means the end.

In Luxembourg, 40% of people agree with the latter – that there is nothing after death, that is signifies the end of all existence.

But a total of 47% believe there is something after we take our final breath.

According to a survey carried out by TNS-Ilres, 33% of people believe in life after death but have no idea what exactly happens in the afterlife.

Of those surveyed, 6% believe in resurrection and the same percentage believes in reincarnation.

Only 2% had precise ideas of what the afterworld brings while 7% had never asked themselves the question of life after death.

A further 1% had other opinions and 4% gave no answer.