Social security the most expensive ministry

Health insurance is a major expenditure item for the Ministry of Social Security. It remains the most expensive ministry in the government, according to the 2021-2025 multiannual budget. It is followed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Family.

The Social Security Ministry’s expenditure is expected to reach €3.876bn in 2021, €4.179bn in 2022, €4.366bn in 2023, €4.480bn in 2024 and €4.745bn in 2025. The government has published its multi-annual budget for 2021-2025, which details current expenditure by ministry.

Here is the ranking for the year 2021:

The spending hierarchy is projected to change little in subsequent years. The Health budget would overtake the Justice budget in 2022. Similarly, the Energy and Spatial Planning budget will grow faster than the Gender Equality budget. Justice will regain its place ahead of Health the following year, and the Ministry of Labour’s budget will overtake that of Finance. By 2024, the Ministry of the Civil Service will have a larger budget than Finance, and by 2025 it will even exceed Labour. The Ministry of Social Security remains the most expensive ministry each year. Most ministries see their budgets increase, with a few exceptions, such as Finance or Health, which experience some decreases.