Emergency Response Plan activated as Müllertal Region Hit by Severe Weather

Overnight, heavy rainfall was recorded across the Grand Duchy, with the Müllertal region the nost severely hit: emergency rescue services were called out to intervene more than 100 times.

The Operations Management Centre (OGC) was activated at 03:00 to coordinate relief operations in the field.

Activated by the High Commission for National Protection, the Government Crisis Cell met at 04:54 to coordinate the operations with the various stakeholders provided for in the Emergency Response Plan in the event of bad weather.

Faced with the situation at 06:30, the Crisis Staff has announced that:
– consumption of drinking water is prohibited in the commune of Waldbillig;
– significant rainfall such as that of the previous night are no longer expected by MeteoLux for today, Friday 1 June 2018;
– road traffic is disrupted in the areas concerned and motorists are asked to adopt their behaviour and remain vigilant.

A total of 18 people were trapped by the waters and were rescued by emergency teams during the night and are now doing well.