Uber calls on Brussels to reconsider measure banning smartphones

Uber has responded to the recent decision by Brussels to forbid its drivers from using smartphones to find their fares, effectively rendering the company unable to operate in the Belgian capital.

“It is incomprehensible that the government is taking measures against 2,000 drivers on the basis of a regulation currently under review by the Constitutional Court,” Laurent Slits, Head of Belgium at Uber, told The Brussels Times. “This is a matter of great concern to the drivers and their families, and we call on the Minister-President to respect the work of the Constitutional Court and await its decision.”

The measure took effect today and has left much of Brussels parliament divided, with some MPs taking to Twitter to express their opposition.

Some of the tweets allude to the regulation article referenced in the new ban, which dates back to 1995, a decade before the first iPhone was released.

“Rather than wanting to maintain archaic rules of 1995, we would do better to wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court concerning the taxi and Uber sector, as the Brussels Court of Appeal explicitly requests.”