Jeremy Corbyn slams ‘sexist’ after-work drinking culture for being ‘unfair on mothers’

Jeremy Corbyn has called for an end to the culture of after-work drinks because the practice unfairly discriminates against women.

The Labour leader said “early evening socialisation” excluded mothers who wanted to get home to their families and urged companies not to encourage it among staff.

The cuture benefitted “men who don’t feel the need to be at home” with their children, he said.

Mr Corbyn’s comments were made as part of a speech on Wednesday evening designed to win over female voters amid accusations that the Labour party is not tackling sexism.

He reportedly said the pub culture “benefits men who don’t feel the need to be at home looking after their children and it discriminates against women who will want to, obviously, look after the children that they have got”.

Mr Corbyn, who faced criticism for assuming that childcare fell to mothers, gave the speech following accusations that his supporters alienate women through misogynistic online abuse targeted at female MPs.

In a bid to appeal to more women voters, Mr Corbyn pledged to introduce female-centres policies including all-female shortlists, a women’s advisory board, and a Labour women’s conference with powers to make party policy.

He also promised to look at strengthening the law to crack down on sexual harassment and threats made online.