How can I maintain my energy at work?

The energy is in a constant state of flux and you either absorb it or lose it, but you never seem to hold on to it for too long. As is so often the case, the key is to know thyself. If you treat yourself like an ongoing experiment that you want to improve (I’m very much into bio-hacking), then you need to run tests. Keep a daily diary of your moods and the things that might affect them. I’ve been using the app Daylio. It takes five seconds to check your energy levels, and you can add notes. You then get data showing certain correlations between feeling “meh” or feeling “rad!”

Having a good morning routine sets you up for the day, so plan one that gets you beyond pumped for work. Think about where you absorb your energy from, physically and mentally. It might be a morning protein shake or from listening to the Jackson 5 at full blast on the way to work. You might need a reminder about why you do what you do. I thrive on competition, so I love checking out similar companies briefly or listening to a podcast.

Food is the main culprit of an uncontrollable energy rollercoaster. I attempt to eat three times a day at 7am, noon and 6ish, with no snacking in between. I eat fish and low carbs for lunch, as I find a heavy lunch makes me sleepy. The main energy slump at work tends to be 3pm (that’s why we Brits invented afternoon tea). So my latest technique is to schedule fun meetings from noon to 4pm. I do utility meetings in morning when neither boredom nor hunger will strike me down, and vibey ones in the late afternoon so the time flies by. If you can’t get out of the office, do “in the zone” work during this time. Have your fave playlists on standby to keep you going. Don’t use coffee as a stimulant: learn about your energy levels and start to use yourself.