Customers urged to use cab complaints procedure

Dissatisfied taxi customers will be able to lodge their complaints online once the new taxi reform comes into force in Luxembourg on September 1.

The reform includes a number of changes to improve the transparency of taxi fares and offer more choice to consumers.

To make drivers and the firms they work for more responsible, an online complaints system has been set up on the new, French-language website

Before making a complaint, the site urges disgruntled customers to try to find a solution directly with the driver. If not possible, they should get a receipt and include as much information about the driver as possible, such as the taxi licence number, driver name, taxi firm and car number plate.

Complaints can be logged by calling (+352) 247-74444 or emailing [email protected]
What will change from September 1?

Among the changes coming into force on September 1, taxi operators will be obliged to display their rates on the outside and inside of the car.

The use of the taximeter will be compulsory. Customers can also ask the driver if they apply a single base rate per kilometre, dependant on the time of day, or if they charge flat one-way or return fares.

Customers will no longer be obliged to take the first taxi in the queue in future.

Taxi drivers themselves will be expected to operate within a given space in the area in which their licence is valid. They may, however, pick up customers which are 50 metres or more away from a taxi rank if the customer hails the taxi.

Pick ups from specific addresses can be booked over the phone while drop-offs may be done anywhere.

While the regulations enter into force on September 1, they will not be compulsory until March 1, 2017, to give taxi operators time to conform.