25th March 2023

Purchasing power in Luxembourg is highest in the EU

This was reported on Thursday by the European statistics agency Eurostat, which looked at gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. This makes it easier to compare which countries and regions are poorer than others within the bloc. The Netherlands is above the average of the European Union and the slightly richer [...]

World News

7th March 2023

‘Perpetrators of sexual violence’ against women put on European sanctions list

For the first time, the European Union is imposing sanctions on perpetrators of sexual violence against [...]


7th March 2023

Justin Trudeau goes the beaten path and accuses China in manipulating of elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is conducting an independent investigation into China’s interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian elections. He also asked the national security committee to investigate Chinese attempts to influence the election [...]