Luxembourg global leader in highly-skilled employees

According to the newly released World Economic Forum Human Capital Report 2015, Luxembourg ranks first in the sub-category of ‘Top 10 countries with the largest share of people in high-skilled employment’ within the group of the 25 to 54 year olds, comprising professions such as managers, professionals and [...]

Belgium is a failed state

That the Paris terrorist attacks had strong links to a suburb of Brussels didn’t shock many of us who live in the Belgian capital. Radio stations here in both French and Dutch are full of discussions about Molenbeek that elicit indignation, sorrow, anger, guilt, despair, defiance. But not [...]

Luxembourg discusses FinTech at Sibos in Singapore

Luxembourg for Finance was present at Sibos in Singapore, the leading financial services event which gathered more than 7,000 international participants of the banking and IT sector. This year’s conference focused on the digitalization of financial services and the opportunities and risks following therefrom. Major [...]
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