How are earnings distributed in the EU?

Notable discrepancies can be observed in the Member States of the European Union (EU) in gross hourly earnings, not only between the 10% of employees earning the least and the 10% earning the most, but also according to the economic activity, with financial and insurance activities being among the highest paying [...]

Crowds Flock to 56th International Bazaar

On Monday morning, the 2-day annual International Bazaar at LuxExpo opened to the public. This year’s 56th annual bazaar included 73 stands from no less than 61 different countries; the principal charity for 2016 is Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, Hanoi (, run by a charitable organisation [...]

EU by Israel’s side when wildfires raged the country

Urgently needed assistance was delivered to Israel through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and by several member states when the country was hit by wildfires last week. Haifa, the third biggest city located in northern Israel, was specially affected and more than 60 000 inhabitants were evacuated on Friday (25 [...]
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