After 70 years, Luxembourg apologizes for Holocaust

For first time, tiny duchy’s parliament takes responsibility for past leaders’ collusion with the Nazis. Luxembourg apologized to the Jewish community Tuesday for its “suffering” during the Nazi occupation in World War II, in the first such gesture since the conflict ended 70 years [...]

Nationality will be reformed soon?

By he period of residence in the Grand Duchy in order to qualify for the luxembourg nationality will be lowered from seven years to five years. In addition, the five years will no longer need to be consecutive, one-year of continuous residence will suffice. “The State Council welcomes this major [...]

Luxembourg has headed the Council of European Union

The EU presidency passed to Luxembourg from Latvia on a rotational basis. In the coming months, the main topic of the European debt crisis in Greece. Luxembourg, July 1, held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union for the coming six months. One of the founding countries of the EU fulfils this [...]
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