Barbara Daroca: Are your Emotions in Control of your Money?

Did you ever face this embarrassing situation? You are going to make an important purchase in a retail shop – a gift for someone you love or something valuable to you -, the cashier swipes the card through the machine and it returns an error message. What is your first reaction? Wil you react emotionally – panic, [...]

We must listen more to teenagers

I’ve been reading the “bod” postcards issued by Kanner-Jugendtelefon (KJT) relating to bullying, self-harming, relationship break-ups, and all sorts of issues that affect young people, and it’s been playing heavily on my [...]

Barbara Daroca: Control Freak or Laid Back?

The relationship we have with money and finances is determined by many factors: upbringing and education; family, friends and relationships; even culture and ethnicity. Different behaviour towards saving and spending are visible in the ING International Surveys we conduct [...]
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