Ukrainian Privatization is on the Rise

In early April, the Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund, after a brief stand-by, decided to allocate to Ukraine a fourth credit tranche of USD 1 (one) billion. The bilateral Memorandum implies ensuring economic growth by the Ukrainian Government through implementation of structural reforms. By the [...]

Should you vote? Three residents’ views

Only 17% of foreign nationals resident in Luxembourg voted in the last municipal elections in 2011. In a bid to improve foreign voting rates, the government launched the website icanvote.lu to provide more information on how to register to vote in October [...]

Barbara Daroca: Are your Emotions in Control of your Money?

Did you ever face this embarrassing situation? You are going to make an important purchase in a retail shop – a gift for someone you love or something valuable to you -, the cashier swipes the card through the machine and it returns an error message. What is your first reaction? Wil you react emotionally – panic, [...]
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