It’s not funny being the only woman on a TV panel show

There have been many ungenerous things said of politicians in recent years, but I can remember virtually none of them being accused of a surfeit of modesty. Hubris, yes. Venality, on occasion. But modesty, less so. And yet this virtue apparently courses through the veins of at least some politicians: the [...]

Be a pioneer – delete Facebook

When I wrote an about-to-be-published book last year about problems with social media, I thought it would be cute to call it Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. And then the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, motivating a modest but notable wave of Facebook deletions in protest, including [...]

Opinion The poison in politics runs deeper than dodgy data

During the 2016 presidential elections Bill Clinton believed his wife’s team had failed to learn one of the lessons of Brexit: working people felt alienated and there was an anti-establishment mood in the air. But his suggestions were politely acknowledged and then discreetly shelved by the number-crunchers in [...]

No one can pretend Facebook is just harmless fun any more

The revelation that Cambridge Analytica exploited the data of 50 million Facebook profiles to target American voters is indeed frightening. But Cambridge Analytica shouldn’t act as a diversion from the real bad guy in this story: Facebook. It is mystifying that as his company regulates the flow of information to [...]
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