Can we all chill out about cannabis? Not quite yet

Occasionally during my love affair with marijuana I would experience perceptual disruptions profound enough to freak me out. One time I was driving along a crowded road when my car seemed a little wobbly and then listed towards the centre, an alarming thud-thud emanating from the back end. In the middle of a densely [...]

I will survive: how Failing Grayling made himself unsackable

What does it take to get sacked by Theresa May these days? That’s a question being asked on the other side of the Atlantic after the bumbling transport secretary, Chris Grayling, went global and became the subject of an editorial in the New York Times. Under the headline “How does he survive? The curious case of [...]

Why did the BBC let Andrew Neil combust?

Last week, supposedly unprecedented spring wildfires raged across dry, bushy and exposed areas. On Monday, having dealt with serious incidents at Saddleworth Moor and Hundred Acre Wood, teams of specialised firefighters also attended the small piece of Shredded Wheat that lives on top of Andrew Neil’s [...]
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