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How famous kids’ comedy series capture TV

You didn’t think you needed a sitcom based on the childhood of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but here we are. This week NBC announced an 11-episode series entitled Young Rock, written by Fresh Off the Boat co-executive producers Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang, that will explore the circumstances of Johnson’s [...]

Top 50 Films of 2019: The Irishman

The richness, artistry and grandeur of Martin Scorsese’s film-making was revealed again in his epic mob corruption tale The Irishman, which returns him spectacularly to the wellspring of his greatest inspiration: the lives of working-class Italian Americans, and those from other US immigrant communities in the 20th [...]

Start Fire: The Best Books on Political Awakenings

The journey to an awakening, whether of a fictional character, a reader or a writer, is rarely straightforward. In Suncatcher, my narrator’s political awareness begins as a young boy when he reads Trotsky by torchlight. “The Problems of Life” is a Young Socialist pamphlet he has nicked from his father’s [...]
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