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How we met: “I instantly disliked him”

In 1983, Christine Harris and Robert Frati were both working for a technology company. “I was based in the UK and he was in France,” she explains. To prepare for a corporate takeover, they were put in the same classroom for a two-week training session. “I took an instant dislike to him,” says Christine. “He [...]

Pandemic shame: does it help us keep our distance?

Scholarships have been threatened. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles have been removed. Death threats have been sent in their hundreds, if not thousands. And governments spurred into action. Since mid-March – when the government first recommended self-isolation measures as a way to tackle the spread of the [...]

Take a pose! My night at a fancy ball with Malcolm McLaren

It was late September 1988: George Bush was up against Michael Dukakis in the first of their two TV debates. The presidential campaign was hotting up and Dukakis was faltering. I switched off the TV and headed for Bond Street off Broadway, New York City, where Malcolm McLaren was living with Lauren Hutton. We were off [...]
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