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How was your running?

How do you plan your races? From multiple shorter races through the summer to a bucket list of events I’d love to do (yesterday’s Prague marathon coming high up that list) it’s sometimes a hard to keep track of what I’ve entered, how long it is until race day, and what’s coming up I like the sound of. Do you [...]

Catch cold? That’s why You don’t have to go to work

“How much is not burned and does not sting my shoulder, the pleasure from the fact that I can lie in peace, there was more.” This is how Karl Ove Knausgaard felt after he broke his collarbone at football practice. The Norwegian writer had spent the past four years taking care of a young family while also [...]

how did you run this weekend?

today, I want to introduce you Bruce Tulloh. I had the privilege to get to know Bruce a little on the 2:09 training camp in Portugal, where he was – until this year – a regular attendee, daily runner, source of coaching wisdom, and a teller of amazing [...]

How was your weekend running?

In the last week or so, I’ve seen friends complete 150-odd miles of the Marathon des Sables, triumphantly PB at Brighton marathon, get amazing parkrun PBs and generally be awesome. Having still been in downtime mode after Seville, it’s made me want to pull my metaphorical socks up and get back into training. Well [...]

Dream ticket: how sleep became a billion-dollar business

Rockwell Shah speaks with almost evangelical zeal about sleep. He is the CEO of Pzizz, an app that “designs dynamic audio” to get you to “sleep at the push of a button”; for him, bedtime is a “sleep experience”. Does he use his own app? “Oh my God! All the time.” As a sleep entrepreneur, what is his [...]

How to rewrite your own life story

Jessica Huie didn’t have the most promising start. She was expelled from school at 15 and pregnant two years later. Her father, a cab driver who had worked round the clock to give her opportunities, was devastated, as was her mum, a former model. But somehow she turned her life around to become a PR to A-listers – [...]
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