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Noel Edmonds’ exercise secret: do it in the dark

I didn’t know, when my son and I set off for our dawn run this morning, that we were working out in the spirit of Noel Edmonds. The TV presenter has stunned viewers of I’m a Celebrity with his rippling physique, apparently. He says it is the result of exercising in the dark while electronic pulses play. But is it [...]

True pleasure is a play without an interval

I’ll find myself in the office, at about 4pm, wondering whether I should go and see something at the theatre, looking online for availability that same evening, especially as the night draws darker and earlier. The good thing about going solo – which I mostly do – is that there is often a seat free, and [...]

Seven ways to improve lung capacity

Stop smoking You knew it was coming. Smoking damages the lungs, causing all sorts of problems, from lung cancer to respiratory disease. And it definitely affects your lung capacity. We have all seen the comparisons between healthy lungs and smokers’ lungs – according to the NHS, your lung capacity will have [...]
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