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How was your weekend running?

In the last week or so, I’ve seen friends complete 150-odd miles of the Marathon des Sables, triumphantly PB at Brighton marathon, get amazing parkrun PBs and generally be awesome. Having still been in downtime mode after Seville, it’s made me want to pull my metaphorical socks up and get back into training. Well [...]

Dream ticket: how sleep became a billion-dollar business

Rockwell Shah speaks with almost evangelical zeal about sleep. He is the CEO of Pzizz, an app that “designs dynamic audio” to get you to “sleep at the push of a button”; for him, bedtime is a “sleep experience”. Does he use his own app? “Oh my God! All the time.” As a sleep entrepreneur, what is his [...]

How to rewrite your own life story

Jessica Huie didn’t have the most promising start. She was expelled from school at 15 and pregnant two years later. Her father, a cab driver who had worked round the clock to give her opportunities, was devastated, as was her mum, a former model. But somehow she turned her life around to become a PR to A-listers – [...]

Can a model’s monobrow help women embrace body hair?

When the model Sophia Hadjipanteli accidentally tinted her blond eyebrows black, she decided to show off her non-normative body hair, rather than reach for the wax strips. It has worked wonders for her career. She has since amassed 169,000 Instagram followers and landed interviews with i-D and New York magazine, [...]

How was your weekend running?

This just in from the University of Running Studies: early experiment results suggest that chocolate egg-based fuelling strategies may not be entirely successful. Yes, I know! Shocking, right? Who would have thought an entirely chocolate-based nutrition plan would not be ideal? Next they’ll be trying to prove that [...]
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