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Sit comfortably, today we talk about chairs

Sara Hendren’s excellent article (The tyranny of chairs: why we need better design, The long read, 25 August) discusses the health problems produced by chairs. These have spread throughout the world due to the prestige of the west. Imperial officials viewed squatting, and other forms of sitting at ground level, as a [...]

Tim Dowling: Is the puppy homesick? An all-consuming worry

I am sitting in a lawn chair, in the day’s last square of sunlight. There is a book on my knees, but I am not reading it. The puppy we’re looking after for friends appears at the garden door with a shoe in its mouth. It runs past me, ears flapping, belly skimming the grass. A few seconds later it runs past me the [...]

How to start cycling with young children

hose lockdown days of blissfully quiet roads may be behind us but, with local authorities across the UK investing in cycle infrastructure, now is still an excellent time to give cycling a go. That is especially true for young city-dwelling families who would formerly have relied on public transport to get around but [...]
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