Can you accustom yourself not to feel the cold?

I am a radiator-hugging hater of being cold. It makes me tense and tetchy. But what if you are in your house, heated to 18C (64F), wearing a scarf so long and fluffy that it wraps around you four times and buries your chin, and you are still chilly? What if you are the one in the office always huddled under a shawl, [...]

Five ways to be optimistic

Have realistic aims Many of us would like to be happier, but there is no quick fix. “I would argue that becoming upbeat is an action,” says Dr Melanie Rendall, the principal clinical psychologist at the Homerton University Hospital NHS foundation trust. “It is learning to take that small step in a direction that [...]

Hair dyeing. What is the price of looking young?

I have never really worried about getting older. When you didn’t think that much of yourself in your prime, you’re not that bothered about fading away. It could even be argued that a low peak makes the decline much more palatable. My eye isn’t going to get any lazier. (Actually, a quick Google has revealed that [...]
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