Would a society of moral saints be a worse place to live?

In 2000, in his book Bobos In Paradise, the US commentator David Brooks noticed that the emerging class he called “bourgeois bohemians” had a particular fondness for rough textures: slate kitchen counters, coarse rugs, stone fireplaces, and so on. Where their parents prized smooth surfaces, these countercultural [...]

Can you accustom yourself not to feel the cold?

I am a radiator-hugging hater of being cold. It makes me tense and tetchy. But what if you are in your house, heated to 18C (64F), wearing a scarf so long and fluffy that it wraps around you four times and buries your chin, and you are still chilly? What if you are the one in the office always huddled under a shawl, [...]
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