Easy fitness tips: Try three circus exercises at home

A handstand Once you feel strong in a push-up position, use the sofa or a chair to raise your feet higher than floor level. This will increase the load on your arms and shoulders, and will start you on your journey towards doing a handstand. Eventually, try to put your feet on a wall. Can you perform the mountain [...]

Five ways to deal with head lice and nits

Act fast “People are not treating an infestation at the earliest stages,” says Ian Burgess, the director of the Medical Entomology Centre in Cambridge, whose research is cited in the Nice guidelines for this persistent problem. “We quite often find people with hundreds and occasionally thousands of lice,” he [...]

Pets are really good for us – do scientists agree?

My childhood dog was called Biff. Biff was a handful. He was a loud, cocky shetland sheepdog who oozed bravado and bravery. Yet, underneath it all, he struggled with the dog version of impostor syndrome. Biff was a bag of masked insecurity. He was like the kid in school who says he has seen all the scary movies, but [...]

How often should you wash your tracksuit?

As is the case with many questions, the answer to how often to wash your gym kit is: “It depends.” If you are someone who doesn’t really break into a sweat and stands around gossiping, your kit may last a few visits before washing. But if you work out hard, it will need washing every time. Many modern sportswear [...]

How to start running

The biggest mistake you can make when you start running is being overly enthusiastic. It is likely you have not run properly since school, and as mentally prepared as you might be to get going, you probably are not physically ready. Body conditioning is a good way to ease yourself in; cross-training leading on to easy [...]
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