Seven ways … to preclude weak bones

Walk quickly for 10 minutes, three times a day Weight-bearing exercise (walking, running) helps to keep bones strong. Ideally, you need a mix of “feet on the ground” activity and muscle resistance such as weights, press-ups and swimming. No one knows precisely how much exercise is needed; the NHS says adults aged [...]

How can I maintain my energy at work?

The energy is in a constant state of flux and you either absorb it or lose it, but you never seem to hold on to it for too long. As is so often the case, the key is to know thyself. If you treat yourself like an ongoing experiment that you want to improve (I’m very much into bio-hacking), then you need to run tests. [...]

Should we all get a health check?

Most health checks are designed to look for risk factors or early signs of diseases – the two most common being heart disease or cancer. A quarter of premature deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) and an estimated 50-80% of them are preventable. So any checks that could help early [...]

Cheers? No thanks! Low- and no-alcohol lifestyle booms

Sales of beer and cider with under 1.2% alcohol soar by nearly 30% About 5 million people will drink their first beer or glass of wine in a month next week as “dry January” comes to an end. But for an increasing number of people it will be an entirely dry year, because low- and no-alcohol is now a fast-growing [...]

Can food change your mood?

In medieval times people believed that what they ate affected their mood. If they wanted erotic stimulation it would be eggs, beef, pomegranates or peacock. Feeling down? They’d reach for quince, dates and elderflowers. In the absence of valium, they used lettuce and chicory as tranquillisers. So when did we lose [...]
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