Maternal stress and the male foetus

Zoe Williams cites the American sociologist Elizabeth Armstrong, who “examined the evidence for the detrimental effects of stress on a pregnancy. The only demonstrable correlation was between a profound stress event – the death of an existing child, or spouse – during pregnancy, and a negative outcome” (The [...]

Fitness tips: eco-friendly ways to exercise

Harness pedal power Try a gym powered by human energy. Terra Hale in London runs the lights and speakers on pedal power – one class generates enough energy to supply a computer for a day. In Brighton, Eco Gym has cardio equipment that puts 74% of energy back into the grid, as well as energy-saving lighting, eco [...]

Five ways to improve your 5km run time

Vary your training Charlotte Arter, the British 10,000-metre champion and Saucony ambassador, clocked the fastest female Parkrun time in the world in Cardiff earlier this year, at just 15min 50sec. She advises varying runs by length and pace. For three to four runs a week, Arter recommends one faster 5km, broken down [...]

Five ways to cope with menstrual cramps

If your periods are interfering with your life, seek advice Menstrual cramps happen when the womb’s muscular wall tightens to encourage its lining to shed, says Dr Caroline Overton, a consultant gynaecologist and a spokeswoman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. “The pain sensation is due [...]

Put the world on mute – absolute silence is a divine state

Not many people have heard of misophonia – which is ironic, because it has everything to do with hearing. It describes extreme reactions – in my case, mostly rage, but in the case of others it may be anxiety or disgust – to certain sounds. I don’t actually know whether I have misophonia. It seems low on the [...]

How to wash your hands properly

Two types of bacteria live on our hands: resident bacteria, which are rarely implicated in infection and are good for the skin, and transient bacteria, which we pick up on our fingertips when we touch surfaces. The latter are the ones we want to [...]

Five ways to stop feeling overwhelmed by the news

Limit the time spent reading news “Headline anxiety” is a growing problem. A report from Ofcom last week found that 78% of Britons are concerned about their internet use, while more than half of Americans surveyed by the American Psychological Association in 2017 said the political environment was a significant [...]
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