Luxembourg Improvisation Show Pokes Fun at Brexit

Continuing on from the experimental improvised theatre piece “Lunch on the Go” in June of last year, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June 2016 saw the Story in Motion Project bring two female performers on-stage at the Théâtre National de Luxembourg for “The Virginia Monologues”, an improvised show [...]

What happened in Hannover 24/06/2016? (Luxherald)

What happened in Hannover? Usually it is done with two hours: as a rule, flight of Luxair Hamburg Saarbruecken to Luxembourg/city starts according to schedule on Friday evening at 19.55 hrs, arrival – with a stop in Saarbrücken on the Findel to 21.55. It had hoped the Passing of the flight last Friday evening. [...]

Child survives after falling from fourth floor

A three-year-old girl fell out the window of an apartment on the fourth floor in the Belgian Grenzegion. It survived the fall with a number of broken bones It could have been a tragic Sunday for Arlon: A three-year-old child has survived in the Belgian city of a fall from twelve meters in [...]
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