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The secret of Royalty Clans

The secret of her sparkling Tiaras is The national holiday in Luxembourg is one of the few occasions on which the Grand-Ducal family get Tiaras out of the closet. This year, there were some [...]

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Saves €10m

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has reached an important target: Within three years, the Airport has managed to achieve yearly contributions totaling nearly €10 million by cutting costs and implementing various measures; the restructuring programme of the airport has been instrumental in repositioning the [...]

The Hunsrück-Hahn airport and Deficit of EUR 17.4 million

The Hunsrück-Hahn airport has entered 2015 with a deficit of EUR 17.4 million. The Airport announced on Friday. Particularly significant falls in cargo traffic. The passenger figures of the cock, by contrast, experienced an increase of 9 percent compared to the previous year to around 2.7 million. “Now, the [...]
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