PM-International and LIST Inaugurate Shared Laboratories in Belvaux

Last autumn, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and PM-International AG formalised a five-year collaboration on innovative bioactive molecules for dietary supplements and cosmetics; this collaboration between public research and private economy emphasises the importance of research and development activities for companies, as well as the benefits of aligning public research with industrial needs.

As a major milestone in this cooperation, LIST and PM-International AG inaugurated their shared laboratories at LIST’s main laboratory building in Belvaux, on Tuesday 27 June 2017.

This joint infrastructure will facilitate operations and investments in the extraction and transformation of plant-derived molecules. It is the first time that LIST has opened up its technological research platform in the field of bio-innovation in such a substantial way to an industrial partner.

The inauguration in the presence of LIST and PM-International AG CEOs, Fernand Reinig and Rolf Sorg, strengthens the partnership established last September, and reinforces the role of LIST in the transfer of innovation to the benefit of the Luxembourg economy and society.

Lucien Hoffmann, director of the LIST Environment Department, stressed “with this joint laboratory, LIST takes a further step towards concrete and direct industrial applications of its activities while contributing, together with PM-International, to the further advance of research and development on Luxembourg ground”.

Dr. Tobias Kühne, Chief Scientific Officer at PM-International AG, said “the close collaboration with the large research team at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology offers us the best opportunities for research and development. We can now develop exclusive technologies to improve bioavailability and highly innovative bioactive substances“.