Grand Duke and Duchess visit Prince Sébastien in Sandhurst

Grand Duke and Duchess Grand Duke and Duchess with Prince Sébastien

The Grand Duke and the Duchess have paid a visit to their son, Prince Sébastien, at the royal military academy in Sandhurst.

After finishing his further education Prince Sébasiten joined the officers’ school in the UK in september last year for a training course lasting 44 weeks.

The Grand Duke and Prince Guillaume also attended the school and among those who have attended Sandhurst in the past are King Hussein of Jordan, Abdallah II of Jordan, Prince William and Harry and Sir Winston Churchill.

The family met General Major, Paul Nanson, and attended a dinner gala with cadet officers from “Normandy Company” where Prince Sébastien is a member.

On August 11 the family will attend the famous Sovereign’s Parade which officially marks the end of the cadet officers’ training.