Luxembourg unemployment at 6.4% for fifth consecutive month

Luxembourg unemployment at 6.4%

Luxembourg’s unemployment rate remained at 6.4% for the fifth consecutive month in September, with 16,493 jobseekers registered, according to ADEM figures.

Analysis of the data shows the number of jobseekers fell by 3.1% compared to the same period a year ago, equivalent to a drop of 533 jobseekers.

The reduction in jobseeker numbers was noted across different profile groups and benefited those with health issues (-7.8% over a year) over 50s (-3.9%) and long-term jobseekers registered with ADEM for over 12 months (-3.8%).

Compared with September 2015, the number of people registering as jobseekers rose by 39 people, bringing the total number of 2,258 in September, 2016.

The increase was largely a result of historic jobseekers registering again. The number of first-time jobseekers registering with ADEM fell by nine people over a year.

Last month employers reported 3,286 open positions to ADEM, up 15.9% compared to the same month a year before.