Interactive map lists Luxembourg’s sustainable food outlets

It will be easier for conscientious consumers in Luxembourg to find local and organic producers and outlets, thanks to a new online map.

There are a number of initiatives in Luxembourg aimed at responding to this shift in demand in a bid to preserve biodiversity and reduce food kilometres.

From organic dairies to vineyards, regional grocers to food trucks, the responsible food map pulls together these kinds of outlets, showing consumers the range available.

The map was created by Luxembourg asbl SOS Faim, in a bid to change eating habits in the Grand Duchy.

“Often we don’t know where we can get hold of produce grown closer to home. The map is used to promote small-scale production initiatives which promote responsible consumption; and which offers consumers and producers a resource to discover and find out more about the different possibilities available to them in order to “change the menu,” the organisation said on its website.

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