€1.6m Parc Kaltreis Opens in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie on Theme of Planets and Space

On Friday 21 July 2017, the Parc Kaltreis was inaugurated in Bonnevoie by the Mayor of Luxembourg city, Lydie Polfer, and aldermen from the municipality.

The park has been completely renovated in recent months to create a friendly and warm living space for residents and visitors of all ages, adapted to the diverse needs of all. Like other projects such as the Place de Ghent, the Parc Kaltreis Park reorganised on the basis of a citizen participation led by the Public Space Coordination in the autumn of 2015 with the support of the Parks, Hygiene and street lighting department of the city.

Today, the Parc Kaltreis offers, besides the multisport, beach and basketball courts, a number of other leisure activities, including an outdoor fitness area, with table-tennis tables, a boules court and chess space. Those wishing to relax in the heart of the park will enjoy the new picnic tables and many other relaxation facilities as well as walking trails.

For the younger ones, a new playground, focused on the theme of planets and space, has been installed and decorated with numerous water games, connected to a closed circuit power supply and a system of filtering and purification. All this is complemented by a drinking water fountain, public toilets, a canisette, garbage cans with underground pick-up trough and a place for a food truck.

As a continuation of environmental policy throughout the capital, the park has been designed to promote biodiversity and create a living space for wildlife, all without the use of pesticides and with maintenance that respects the environment.

The costs of the redevelopment of the Parc Kaltreis were circa €1.6 million ttc.