Caritas Luxembourg Organised Couture and Culture Fashion Show

On the evening of 21 June 2017, Caritas Luxembourg and Sofitel Luxembourg Europe organised a fashion show to present the creations of ten refugees.

Launched in 2016 within the St Antoine Refugee House, managed by Caritas Luxembourg, the project aimed to set up a sewing workshop to enhance the skills of refugee women housed in the home. The women arrived in Luxembourg with a know-how which deserves to be recognised.

In addition to enhancing this know-how, the project also aims to support these women in their social and professional integration through training, language learning, and understanding of Luxembourgish and European values​, not only for better access to the job market, but also successful integration. As the project progressed, men also joined the workshop.

The energy, seriousness and quality of the work carried out by women and men over the last few months have led Caritas Luxembourg and Sofitel Luxembourg Europe to organise this fashion show under the theme “Couture and Culture”. Ten creative designers presented their models at the event.

At the end of the fashion show, the creators received praise from the public.