Yaya returns to Belgium with physical dedicated stores

The Dutch fashion brand Yaya returns to Belgium with physical stores, CEO Patrick Draijer reports in a statement to FashionUnited. The cooperation with Retail Concepts, which was the operator of the Yaya concept in Belgium and Luxembourg, came to an end on 1 August. Yaya has therefore actively looked for new locations.

In October, the brand opens a store in Bruges and in Ghent. A shop will also be opened in Nieuwpoort in the spring of 2023. Not only are the stores now under Yaya’s own management, but the Belgian website is now under its own management again.

At the beginning of this year, it was revealed that the cooperation between Yaya and Retail Concepts (the parent company of A. S. Adventure and Juttu, among others) would come to an end. The collaboration has been in place since 2016 when Yaya made its debut in Belgium. Retail Concepts operated six of Yaya’s stores at the time – five in Belgium and one in Luxembourg. Retail Concepts indicated that it wanted to pay more attention to its own multibrand formulas.

At the moment, Yaya has 13 stores in the Netherlands, 9 in France, 2 in Germany and 2 in Poland. This season, stores will still open in Annecy (France) and Stuttgart (Germany. In addition, the brand is looking for locations in Germany and Belgium and specifically one more branch in Maastricht.