Is permanent Sunday shopping coming to Luxembourg City soon?


Could we soon see permanent Sunday shopping in Luxembourg City?

The subject of Sunday opening for businesses in the Grand Duchy was tackled once again during the Business Association’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday.

The topic of allowing businesses to open on Sundays frequently arises, but so far in Luxembourg City only an “exceptional” rule has been in force.

This means shop doors may only be open on Sundays for fixed periods of time and on certain occasions, such as in December before Christmas, for example.

Despite campaigns by the Business Association and several Luxembourg City representatives, attempts to pave the way in allowing permanent Sunday trading have failed.

Now a new approach is being taken that could see the situation change.

A joint application to designate the capital as a ‘ville touristique’, or tourist town, could make it possible for shops to open on Sundays.

Luxembourg Secretary of State Francine Closener, however, is reported to have said in a recent speech that another “exceptional” rule for this year had been awarded and that as many businesses as possible should participate.