Real GDP Increases by Over 3% in Third Quarter of 2017

The first estimate of real GDP for the third quarter of 2017 has been revealed as + 3.2% over one year.

The annual change in real GDP from the fourth quarter of 2016 has increased to 4.2% instead of 4.1%, while the first quarter and the second quarter 2017 decreased to + 3.8% instead of + 4.0% and + 1.9% instead of + 2.2% respectively.

The added value of financial and insurance activities increased by 0.4% compared with the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the evolution of other sectors, in order of importance in GDP, is as follows: trade, transport and accommodation and catering (+ 1.1%); business and rental services (+ 2.3%); real estate activities (+ 0.9%); information and communication (+ 4.4%); industry, including energy and water supply (+ 0.8%); construction (+ 0.4%); public administration, education and health (+ 0.2%).

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