Luxembourg is an “anti-blues” city, says French national radio station

Luxembourg City

Popular French national radio station France Info focused on summer in Luxembourg City in a recent report, and surprisingly without a mention of banks and tax.

The main subject was the “Blues ‘n Jazzy Rallye” that takes place in the City next weekend including an interview with Luxembourg City Tourist office, highlighting Neimënster and its big courtyard for the event.

However it went on to talk about British pubs and French cuisine. The result of France Info’s look at summer in Luxembourg City was a highly positive, colourful impression of a capital with cultural hustle and bustle.

Food-wise it is always interesting what foreign visitors pick out from the City, and “Maison du Chocolat” was one of those as well as “Ilot Gastronomique”.

Talking of local cuisine, the restaurant “Am Tiirmschen” got a mention although the spelling was a little off in the station’s written report with “Amstierchen”, but who cares, it is good publicity!

Luxembourg’s Crément was also talked about as well as multilingualism in the country especially trilingual school system.

France Info concluded their report by saying Luxembourg is “a small city but very rich in discoveries.” And is an “anti-blues” city.