Europe will make Brexit ‘very painful’ for the UK, claims Slovakia’s Prime Minister

Slovakia’s Prime Minister has claimed Europe will make sure leaving the European Union is “very painful” for the UK.

Robert Fico said Britain would not be allowed to make EU workers “second-class citizens” while still receiving the benefits of the single market.

He told Financial Times: “It will be very difficult for the UK, very difficult.

“The EU will take this opportunity to show the public: ‘listen guys, now you will see why it is important to stay in the EU’. This will be the position.”

Mr Fico stressed he had personal “respect” for Theresa May but said he did not envy her dilemma.

He added: “What would you say if you were in their position? Even if it is the fifth-biggest economy in the world — I understand their financial importance — this will still be very painful for the UK.

“They are bluffing. If you were in their position you would say the same. ‘It will all be fine, it will be fantastic, you will see’.”

“No, no, no, no.”