Heatwave for Luxembourg forecast for next week

Heatwave for Luxembourg forecast for next week

To say we’re having a mixed bag of weather this summer in Luxembourg would be an understatement, and this is about to be proved again with a heatwave forecast for the middle of next week!

Summer 2016 so far has been cold at times, very rainy (including flooding), thunderstorms and most recently, what it is supposed to be–sunny!

Now, if we are to believe the weather experts, the Grand Duchy is about to go to the other extreme of a cool and rainy summer with a heatwave predicted.

Dominik Jung from the website wetter.net, the same site that feeds Luxemburger Wort’s weather page, has identified hot Saharan air as the cause. This could mean significantly higher temperatures than normal for central Europe, rising north via Spain, Portugal and southern France.

What this means locally, according to Luxembourg’s weather services, is that temperatures of 36 or 37°C are within the realms of possibility by mid-week.

But nothing ever lasts for long meteorologically-speaking, and by the end of next week local thunderstorms and rain are forecast.

However, looking to the coming weekend it should still be pleasant, but cooling slightly, with Saturday especially being a bit humid with showers and thunderstorms forecast.

Next Monday should also be relatively cooler with temperatures from 18-24°C, but by Wednesday we won’t know what has hit us as the heatwave strikes Luxembourg!